Wrongful Death

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A wrongful death occurs due to
misconduct or negligence of another person or agency. There are, however, quite
a few types of such cases – depending on the reasons for death. In all the
types of cases, the family if the victim gets monetary compensations and the
culprit is punished. Following are some of the types of wrongful death cases.
Read to understand in what situations you need to contact a wrongful death

1. Medical error – Medical
malpractice is one of the most common causes of wrongful deaths. If any of your
family members die due to negligence on the part of the doctor or the hospital
authorities, you should contact a wrongful death attorney to take up the case.
If the patient dies due to wrong prescription, inappropriate medication, or
wrong diagnosis, it is a case of medical malpractice. However, you need to
prove that the reason of death is intentional or unintentional negligence. So, contact
an experienced lawyer immediately.

2 .Automotive accident – Auto
accident can be one of the reasons of wrongful death if the victim’s car has
been hit by a drunk driver. If someone in your family dies due to an auto
accident, check whether the accident has been caused due to the negligence or
carelessness of another driver.

3. Death at workplaces – Do you
know that death while working also counts as one of the reasons of wrongful
deaths? If any of your family members die at the workplace, because the
employers did not take the required safety measures, you can sue the employers.
There are different laws related to different working places and conditions.
Therefore, only an experienced lawyer would be able to interpret the laws in a
better manner on your behalf at the court of law.

4. Product related issues – If the
reason is faulty products, one should contact a wrongful death attorney to sue
the company or the manufacturer. The manufacturer or the company is liable to
compensate for the loss suffered by the family of the dead person. In such a
case, either the manufacturer neglects to warn the users about the faulty
products or the product was itself defective.

So, whatever be the type of
wrongful death case, you should immediately contact a wrongful death attorney.

Different Kinds Of Wrongful Death

Determining what a wrongful death
is is not as simple as TV shows and novels would have you think. The laws are
different in the 50 states, but they have much in common once that determination
has been made. At its most basic, a wrongful death is one where a defendant
causes the victim’s death, or is negligent in some specific manner that
directly causes the death. The normal result of winning a wrongful death
lawsuit is monetary damages. It is not always a clear-cut situation, but
typically wrongful death lawsuits fall into a number of different categories.


Murder is a charge brought in a
criminal trial while wrongful death is a fact to be determined in a civil suit.
In a famous example, O.J. Simpson was arrested for murder and tried in a
California court. The state apparently did not satisfy the jury beyond a
reasonable doubt, and he was acquitted. After this, however, the families of
Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman sued in civil court for wrongful death, in
a proceeding that could award money damages but not incarcerate the defendant
in prison. Rather than proof beyond a reasonable doubt, the standard of proof
in a civil case is a preponderance of the evidence, which simply means the
charge is more likely than not to be true. The civil jury found in favor of the
families and ordered a damage payment of over $30 million.

Medical error

Doctors have high insurance
premiums because a medical error is a common type of wrongful death lawsuit. In
medical error cases, doctors or other medical professionals must have performed
in a clearly negligent manner while treating patients that die in their care.
In many cases, physicians prescribe the wrong medicine or fail to correctly diagnose
conditions. A victim’s family has to prove that this medical professional had
the facts concerning the patient’s condition and failed to treat it properly.

Toxic exposure

There are many recent instances
where toxic exposure has killed people, whether it is from chemicals leaking
into the groundwater from nearby manufacturing plants or from toxic materials
in housing materials. Some toxic exposure cases overlap with product-related
ones, as there are poisonous materials like polyvinyl chloride, asbestos,
benzene and lead all around us, in products we use and the places we go.

Defective drugs

As opposed to malpractice, this
medically related kind of wrongful death has become more common over the years.
If drug manufacturers do not disclose possible harms they are aware of in their
products, they can be subject to wrongful death suits. Even absent such
behavior on their part, these kinds of cases can be brought if other forms of
negligence can be demonstrated.


If a consumer uses a product in the
manner prescribed, but it ends up killing her, that is wrongful death, too.
Pressing on a brake pedal is the way we all know how to stop a car, but if
doing so does not work as it is supposed to, it can cause wrongful death. We
have seen many instances recently of car manufacturing errors that seem to have
caused any number of vehicle systems to fail. The manufacturer would be liable
for any deaths occurring from these faulty systems. If it can be proven that
the manufacturer did not know about the problems, there you have negligence. If
it is shown that the car maker did know about the problem, but did nothing,
that shows a callous disregard for life.


In addition to car manufacturing
problems, cars are also involved in accidents that can be classified as
wrongful death if the driver was drunk, in a drugged stupor or operating the
car in such a way that the accident and resulting death(s) were clearly her fault.
Since a victim’s family needs to prove that a driver was behaving negligently,
drunk drivers are obvious targets for wrongful death lawsuits when they cause
fatal accidents.


Workplace deaths are another common
form of wrongful death lawsuit. In these instances, employers may be found
liable for wrongful death if they did not take appropriate safety measures in
the workplace, or otherwise contributed to conditions that caused a fatal
accident. There are important regulations that specify how work is to be done
construction sites, chemical labs, and offshore oil rigs, and when these
regulations are skirted (or directly contravened) there is a good case for
wrongful death.

Bottom line

Sometimes it is not clear what
category some wrongful deaths fall in, so it is always wise to consult an
attorney specializing in those cases. This is not an exhaustive list by any
means, so you should always talk to a lawyer whenever any questionable death
occurs among your family or loved ones.

Typical Wrongful Death Damages

If someone has been killed because
of any sort of accident, it’s likely that his or her family is qualified to
receive remuneration for their loss. The death may have been the result of a
car collision, a maintenance or construction incident, a job injury, health
care malpractice, elderly care facility neglect or abuse, or as a result of
some other types of negligence.

Whenever an accident results in a
fatality, a wrongful death claim can be started by the close family of the
deceased when the recklessness of another party prompted his / her demise.
Their spouse and children will be allowed to collect for many sorts of damages.
At least one thing to consider might be the pain and despair of the remaining
family members. There might be doubtlessly nothing harder than the demise of
someone you care about. Even if it may be acknowledged that no sum of money can
replace your cherished one, close relatives have a legal right for a financial
recovery towards the agony of being required to have this tragic experience.

An added issue included in wrongful
death compensation would be funeral service charges. Almost instantly after a
heartbreaking loss, members of the family need to devote a large amount on a
funeral and burial. Hospital bills might be one factor. In a great many
wrongful death events, the medical costs received prior to when someone you
care about passes can be really costly, sometimes in excess of thousands of.

According to the unique factors at
play in a loved one’s demise, an attorney will assess if it’s right to inquire
about authorization from the judge to file punitive damages on the suit.
Punitive damages are intended to discipline the liable party for deliberate or
reckless practices.

The types mentioned above generally
target the present day, but how about the future? Another sort of recovery is
what is known as loss of consortium. One has a legal right to recover for the
loss of getting to enjoy valuable time with the person they suddenly lost. This
might be applicable in incidents of extreme disability as well as wrongful

Coming from a financial viewpoint,
a settlement for future earnings of the deceased could be given. All too often
the loved one that dies was receiving income, and close relatives were reliant
on that family member to support the household. Family members have a right to
seek damages for that loss of potential income.

Victims Of Wrongful Death May Be
Entitled To Compensation

Wrongful death occurs when the
negligence or deliberate actions of a person, professional, or business causes
the death of an individual. When a wrongful death occurs, the family of the
victim may be entitled to compensation. Medical and other expenses occur when
someone dies unexpectedly, and the victim’s family should not be left worry
about those expenses during such a tragic time in their lives.

A few examples of accidents
resulting in wrongful death include, but are not limited to, defective
products, automobile or truck accidents, medical malpractice and more. If you
suspect that your loved one was a victim of wrongful death, contact an
experienced attorney immediately. As with other legal matters, time is
important. It is essential that you contact an attorney immediately so that
evidence can be gathered for the case.

For an attorney to successfully
seek compensation in the case of a wrongful death claim, they must be
experienced and very knowledgeable about the law in these types of cases. It is
important to select an attorney that possesses an in-depth knowledge of the
laws specific to your state, and that has succeeded in wrongful death cases.
Finding a compassionate, experienced attorney will help the victim’s family
make decisions in their wrongful death case. The compensation awarded in the
case will help the family cover medical and funeral expenses, as well as other
expenses incurred as a result of the wrongful death.

Wrongful death can occur when a
patient receives poor medical treatment, or a mistake is made during surgery.
Other medical negligence, such as when incorrect medications and/or dosages of
medications are administered, can result in wrongful death. If a business that
serves alcohol, such as a bar or restaurant, over-serves a customer, and death
occurs as a result of an accident, or alcohol poisoning, the business
responsible can be held liable. Defective or poorly made products that cause
the death of an individual can result in a wrongful death case against the
manufacturer. Other willful or negligent acts that result in the death of a
person may be considered wrongful death.

It is wise to seek legal
representation if you are not sure whether or not your case qualifies as a
wrongful death case. An experienced lawyer can help answer your questions, and
provide detailed information about wrongful death cases, what the law requires
for such a case, and what kind of compensation you may be eligible for. If you
suspect that your loved one died a wrongful death, contact an experienced
attorney today.

Wrongful Death Lawyer – Getting
Settlements Even When You Can’t Get Answers

Wrongful death cases are unique in
many different ways. Not only do they put people in a situation where they
might not know what happened, but they force people to deal with death when it
was completely unnecessary. Hiring a wrongful death lawyer can help you get the
compensation that you deserve in the event that you have lost a loved one, even
when you might not be able to get all the answers. The thing about these cases
is that they are unnecessary because the deaths involved weren’t necessary
either. Figuring out what happened and where things went wrong can be nearly
impossible sometimes.

With a wrongful death lawyer on
your side, you can have better luck in the search for answers. Even better, you
can get compensation for the case that you are fighting whether you ever get
answers or not. If you ask anyone involved in a wrongful death lawsuit whether
they’d prefer money or answers, they will generally tell you they want answers.
However, getting financial compensation when answers can’t be found is better
than getting nothing out of the situation. Often, it’s not even about the
money. It’s just about making people realize what they’ve done and proving that
they were at fault for what happened.

Hiring a wrongful death lawyer
requires you to take the time to find professionals who specialize in these
cases. If you have lost a loved one as a result of an accident, medication
issue, or other type of situation where their death could have been prevented,
you need to talk to someone who has experience with these types of cases. You
should learn everything that you can about wrongful death cases and their
details so that you can have the best chances of getting the outcome that you
deserve in your case, as well.

A wrongful death lawyer will help
you search for the answers that you need. Their goal is to get the outcome that
you deserve for your lawsuit, of course, but they also understand that you need
answers to what happened. Through your deposition, litigation, and the
interviews and testimonies of others involved, they will be able to get to the
bottom of what happened, who was at fault, and why the death even occurred in
the first place. That allows you to get peace of mind when you can, and even if
you can’t, you’ll still get compensation for your loss, which is the least that
you deserve.

What Can A Wrongful Death Lawyer Do
For You?

A wrongful death is very
unfortunate event that shatters the relatives of the dead person both
physically, mentally, and psychologically. In such situations, people need to
take legal actions against the accused. A wrongful death lawsuit generally
alleges that the descendant died as a result of the negligence, carelessness or
intentions of the other party (accused). If the accusations are proved right at
the court of law, the dependants or the beneficiaries of the dead person are
entitled to get compensations for monetary damages. One needs to hire an
experienced wrongful death lawyer to represent cases on behalf of the
plaintiff. While the loss of the loved ones can never be compensated, the
amount received as compensation against the property damages due to the misconduct
of the accused, will help the family members of the descendant to deal better
with the sudden financial crisis.

Such a situation might come in
anybody’s life, and unfortunately even yours. So, you should keep some idea
regarding wrongful death cases, so that when there is an emergency, you are
able to select the right attorney. The knowledge regarding the responsibilities
of a wrongful death lawyer would help to understand the whole process of the
lawsuit better. So, you can see that the most important part of filing a
wrongful death is to select the right attorney. Here is a short guide to help
you with the same:

* You should discuss your case with
the lawyer first. You should update him/her with all the details of the
happenings and should ask him/her if he is able to handle your case

* The next thing you should discuss
is the mode of payment and the amount of money that s/he wants as fees. Compare
the rates of a few wrongful death lawyers before selecting whether or not to
select one to represent you.

* Ask for suggestions from a lawyer
about the plans for presenting your case. If you do not like the plan, do not
sign any papers of agreement with that attorney. Once you are satisfied with
the way a person intends to work, you should sign a proper agreement.

There is a law firm, which
comprises reputed lawyers to fight your cases in a better way than others. You
might like the idea of lawyers with more than two decades of experience,
dealing with your case.

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